Tuesday, 30 November 2010

FictionAlley Is Kinda Sorta Back!

Well, except for fic submissions/story management. And the front page. But there's good reasons for that; we're still updating some aspects of the site. Fic submissions should be re-opened by Friday, and we're working on a revised front page.

You can get to the rest of the site via these links:


  1. It's now Saturday.

    I'd wish you'd get on with it. I've got a revised chapter to post, that's already gone up on FFN and Portkey, and I've made sure to do FA first in the past.

  2. Just wanted to check in and ask how long it will be before the site is up - so I know how long it is before I really have to find myself a beta!

  3. I just wanted to find out which stories are good and stuff but all park things are down, is there a certain date that it might be up or a very good novel length story besides one by Barb(whose are great), Arethere any?


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