Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Fics on September 29, 2011

[TDA] Leave Out All the Rest by Anna Fugazzi (Chapters: 4)
Nobody expected the year after Fred's death would be easy. But nobody expected George would have to lose so much, just to live through it. Or: George is doing his best to make his way after the war and Fred's death. Everyone is trying to help, and he wishes they would just stop. Especially Fred.
[Sch] Morbidus by Addy Ricin (Chapters: 4)
This isn’t a story about right and wrong, about good versus evil. This is a story about convictions, and the places they take you should you adhere to them. It’s a story about the things that change you and how they do – and why who you are goes far beyond the things you do.
[Sch] No Simple Highway by topeswin (Chapters: 3)
Back for second year, Harry chooses to follow a new path and he's going off the rails. He's depressed and angry; tired of trying to be someone he's not. Lashing out and driving everyone away feels like the only thing that will keep him from losing it. As unlikely as it seems, Professor Snape may be the one person capable of providing the guidance Harry needs and wants.