Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flashback to Harry Potter & the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone: The Movie

10 years ago today, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Philosopher's Stone was released in movie theaters around the world.

Some FictionAlley users were able to see it ahead of time, because for some reason, the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City sold tickets to the preview to those who were lucky enough to get to the box office window. You can read their reviews, and reviews of dozens of other FictionAlley Park Denizens, here.

A few highlights (with spoilers for the film but does anyone need to warn for that anymore?:

When Hagrid tells Harry "You're the Boy Who...Lived!" Harry just looks poleaxed. Ah well. I suppose anyone would.
Dan Radcliffe has the look, the mannerisms and the charm of Harry down pat. His strongest expresisons are the bemusement that must be inherent at entering a world where science does not rule alone and the bravery that Harry shows to achieve all he does. In a sense, the movie Harry is a more realistic bundle of emotions than the book Harry. However, more is asked of him than any other actor and so there are more occasions where he is required to do the impossible in a single brief shot than for anyone else.
Dan may be sweet and Emma may be Hermione, but Rupert was just incredible. You could scarcely believe the kid has never acted before - if you're anything like me you despair at most child actors - I find Haley Joel Osment particularly irksome, and I cannot watch ET without cringing at Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore as Elliot and Gertie. However, I was getting none of this with Rupert. Sure, he sounded a little too estuarine for a kid who we understand is meant to be a west-country lad, but he had the pick of the lines, and was genuinely superb. The film indubitably belongs to Ron.
Alan Rickman was good as Snape, but we don't get the impression that he really hates Harry.
I was terrified Tom Felton would screw up Draco's character but he managed to pull him off quiet well. Since the intro scene at the robe shop was cut and some of his nastier lines Draco came across as either a horrid spoilt little boy or else an insecure kid. No middle ground. But he's only meant to be *eleven* here so that's okay.

Check out the rest of the thread! It's a terrific glimpse into fandom - and film - history - then, click here to share your thoughts on looking back at the film from this closed-canon perspective. Have your thoughts on the first movie changed? Especially for those whose first introduction to the Potter series was the first film - what's different to you, and what do you still feel the same about?

Speaking completely personally, I used to hate the 70+ seconds in the first film where Hedwig is flying across the screen and the seasons change; I thought it was a waste of time that could have been given over to "Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak!" But with Hedwig's murder in Book Seven and the brilliant way it was filmed in Deathly Hallows Part 1, I don't mind it at all - Fly, Hedwig, fly with all your beauty (book, film) and Harry-saving grace (film)!

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