Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Good News From the Server Recovery Team

Thank you Andy and Paul and others - and the folks at - for fixing the IPs and initiating loading the fic content onto the new server!

The front page on FA is normal again, with a note on the top explaining what's happening and sending people to the blog, which is all good. Fics are slowly coming back online and they should all be up by Thursday.

The Fic Submission Form is working again for submissions and if you're on the Queue Bypass list your fic will be auto-processed, but we won't be able to send fics back for editing until the mailserver is up and that might not be til early Friday. So start submitting but know that it might take more than ten days for the fic to get online (although we're going to try and clear the whole queue before DH comes out).

I'm off to breathe a giant sigh of relief now...


  1. Welcome back, Fiction Alley! We missed you!

  2. Congrats! And thank you all for your hard work.


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