Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Spoiler Rules on FictionAlley: An Update

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1. We cannot absolutely prevent people from registering with spoilery usernames, so we have turned off the display of logged in users, the list of birthdays and the name of the newest member from the front page; it will all be turned back on on July 22, 2007.

2. We are not going to moderate all posts in all forums, so there is a risk of seeing spoilers in any of the forums. The mods will try to hide spoilery content as it appears.

3. No spoilers, other than the first few lines of the first chapter, will be allowed on this site until one minute after midnight in the UK, as said content violates JK Rowling's copyright.

4. We will not approve any fanfic that contains spoilers, other than those permitted in #3 above, until after July 24, 2007.

5. As of one second after midnight, UK time on July 21, 2007, spoilers for DH can be posted without spoiler-tags in the DH discussion forum and its Chapter by Chapter by Chapter and When It's Over subforums. Spoilers for DH can be posted in all other forums only if they are posted within spoiler-tags; this means that thread titles cannot contain spoilers at all (with a small exception for SCUSA/Ship Staff thread titles).

We understand that there may be people who want to start ships for characters who are new to the Potterverse in Book Seven; until August 1, 2007, all new ships posted in SCUSA and/or the Ship Staff forums should be identified in the title by initials only. In other words, if Harry was a new character in Book Seven, a proper thread title for a ship including him would be "HP/____ - Woobiest Ever!" or "HJP/______ - Woobiest Ever!" We will not allow thread titles in SCUSA that include any new character's full name. Posts in the Declaring a New Ship thread can include full names within the spoiler tag.

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