Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fundraiser Update

Thank you so much to those who've donated to our New Year, New Server Fundraiser! In the last three days, over six hundred dollars have been donated by FictionAlley users like you.

In other words, we're more than half-way to our goal, and December is now half over.

If you can donate $13.50, $25, or even $50 this month, you'll help us get the $1000 matching funds that Razoo has pledged.

One of our pledge-pages has already reached the $200-per-page matching funds cap, so please donate to the other four pages. Just click one, and make your pledge. You can donate anonymously, if you prefer, but the next 29 non-anonymous donors will get a vintage "Creativity is Magic" wristband as a thank-you from Team FictionAlley.

Just click, and give, to support FictionAlley:
Marauder's Page
Bel's Page
Zorb's Page
Plu's Page

(And don't forget to shop at Amazon for Harry Potter gifts and more; a portion of your purchase also supports FictionAlley.)