Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Park should be back this week.

We hope; we're working on it. Fics are still accessible, and so is the Harry Potter Wiki, so if you're looking for a place to discuss characters, put in your theories, link to your favorite fics about certain characters, and more, just visit the Harry Potter Wiki, create an account and log in, and start editing!

We have only seven days left to raise the $1000 that will be matched by Razoo in our our New Year, New Server Fundraiser. If $87 is donated via Bel's Page and $130 is donated via Marauder's Page, we will get $1000 in matching funds from Razoo, and given the extra that's been donated to the other three fundraising pages, we will then be covered for server fees for 2011 (and won't have to do another server-fee-fundraiser until at least May).

We are moving to new servers this week to get the Park and ArtisticAlley back online, too!

Thanks for all your support, and we hope you've had a Harry Happy Holiday Season!