Sunday, 24 July 2011

New Fics on July 24, 2011

[AT] One Thing by JustAMarshmallow (Chapters: 1)
She had never thought much about Fred Weasley. Yes, he was Ron's older brother. Yes, he was always joking around. Yes, his twin was almost always attached to his hip. But she hadn't thought of him as more than just another person in her life. Until…
[TDA] And So the World Falls to Pain by Heart of Spells (Chapters: 3)
AU. When an illness sweeps the entire world, Sirius must fight to protect the people he cares about as the dead begin to rise. Remus is on the other side of the continent, working desperately to develop a means to put the dead back where they belong. Sirius is trapped in the heart of London with a widower and a group of frightened children. Can they survive until they find one another?
[AT] Ember to Ember by Anna Fugazzi (Chapters: 4)
Sequel to Volunteers, written for the Beltane livejournal community. From one Beltane to the next.
[Sch] The Artifice by join_the_conga (Chapters: 1)
Cedric Diggory wants nothing other than to survive through the tournament that he can take lightly no more. Unexpected second parties agree with his goal and begin to help him in his plight. However… just who is it that can really help him? The faceless benefactor who has taught him the importance of a ruse… or the girl whose hair is as unmanageable as her worry? Who can Cedric depend on when he doesn’t think he can depend on himself? Throw in a bit of romance, drama, and a mysterious diary and you’ve got the makings for an exceptional sixth year at Hogwarts for this Hufflepuff.
[AT] Why Do You Live? by RustyVenture (Chapters: 2)
What really drives Harry to continue in the face of insurmountable odds?