Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Fics on July 28, 2011

[TDA] Character Assassination by Sarah531 (Chapters: 2)
Mal Young's sister was a witch. Mal Young's sister, along with many others, was murdered when Dolores Umbridge took over the Ministry. And the handful of Muggles who know of the wizarding world? They're starting to get mad. And they're starting to get organised. Hogwarts is about to burn again, but there's no dark lords involved this time. Just humans. And weapons. And fear. Mal, her family, her friends, and the increasingly bitter parents of Hermione Granger are about to live (maybe) through the second-worst war of their lives...
[Sch] Darling by agelade (Chapters: 5)
A canon-compliant retelling of book 7, mostly from Draco's point of view. There's a good reason the Malfoys weren't immediately arrested after V was defeated, but Harry Potter can never find out. Canon compliant, canon ships. Behind-the-scenes, lots of teachers, Neville, Luna. Draco has more help than he knows what to do with.
[TDA] Darling Coda: The Same by agelade (Chapters: 1)
A week after the Battle of Hogwarts, the Harry Potter confronts Draco on an abandoned Quidditch pitch. Potter is always one of the Good Guys. Always the same.
[Sch] Heroic Perversions by DMK (Chapters: 3)
Are heroes corruptible? Harry returns to Hogwarts after Voldemort's return. He suffers horrible nightmares, but when one turns particularly savage, he discovers on his map something curious at night, and something deadly on a perfect Sunday.
[Sch] Raw by Hewlett Potter (Chapters: 5)
After the war has ended, the trio return to Hogwarts to finish their seventh year. While Ron and Harry welcome the return to normalcy, Hermione misses the excitement of their old life. She decides to pursue a career as an Auror, and during her training she realizes that it begins to change everything about her...
[Sch] The House That Cedric Built by Anna Fugazzi (Chapters: 3)
Draco didn't think there was much reason to hope for a better future. Astoria proved him wrong.
[TDA] Enslavement by DMK (Chapters: 4)
The final war is lost, the Dark Lord reigns supremely, and Draco takes in three slaves.