Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New fics on December 14, 2011

[Sch] The Fine Line by Wippii (Chapters: 1)
Returning to Hogwarts for his sixth year, Harry Potter is a changed teen. Many of his former beliefs have been shattered, and been replaced by mistrust and suspicion. To top it off, he starts to hear voices - again. Memories from the Ministry fiasco keep plaguing him, too - and one of them Harry is determined never to share with anyone. If only he himself could forget that one and its wrongness, not to mention the possible, disturbing implications...
[TDA] Confessions of a Death Eater by BreeLee91 (Chapters: 2)
Ever wonder how Bellatrix Lestrange came to be such a wicked witch? The thoughts that went on in her mind? She left behind a letter that tells all...
[AT] Ginny's All That by cherryred (Chapters: 6)
Pansy has just kicked Draco to the curb and places a bet with some of his buds that he could get any girl at Hogwarts. He bets his friends that he could make Ginny the Princess of the the Ball at the year-end dance and get her into bed. Play on the movie She's All That.
[AT] Shaded With Patience by BreeLee91 (Chapters: 6)
Tonks will learn that when the love of your life is crippled by insecurity, you have to be shaded with patience.