Thursday, 15 December 2011

New fics on December 15, 2011

[AT] An Untold Story by Wippii (Chapters: 1)
This is the story of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Evans; how they first met and eventually fell in love. They are not the horrible adults the books describe, but just your average couple. PS/SS takes off where this story ends. One-shot.
[TDA] World's Smallest Violin by kazooband (Chapters: 6)
“Mum, I’m an Auror. I helped arrest his father.” “Draco is not a Death Eater.” Tonks only just managed to bite back her response to that, but she could see that her mother knew that she wanted to say “Not yet.” “Nymphadora, either I was going to take him in, or Bellatrix would.”