Friday, 23 December 2011

New fics on December 23, 2011

[AT] These Years Past by BeautifulSinfulVice (Chapters: 1)
When the years go by, there isn't a day in them where the twins are forgetful of their precious youth and the time they spent together. Twincest, Slash, Fluff, and Slight AU for this fangirl's denial of certain things.~ Rating will go up in later chapters.
[AT] Another Life by BeautifulSinfulVice (Chapters: 1)
Fred thinks that maybe, just maybe, in some other life, he and George could have what it takes to adopt a couple of children...then again...maybe not so much. Plenty of twincest and fluff to run amok.~
[AT] From Opposite Sides by BreeLee91 (Chapters: 6)
Ted was a Muggle-born. Andromeda was a pure-blood from one of the greatest Wizarding families in history. Until she married him. We know them as the parents of Nymphadora Tonks. This is their story. And just wait until you find out who’s telling it!
[TDA] Lost Innocence by coppertop1 (Chapters: 3)
Tracey Davis is fourteen, and about to learn some hard life lessons.