Monday, 1 August 2011

New Fics on August 1, 2011

[TDA] Underage: 5 Ways Ginny Weasley Secretly Helped to Defeat Voldemort by aurorahze (Chapters: 2)
Five moments where Ginny Weasley helps Harry and the others during their Horcrux search and in the final battle, without anyone realizing. Set during DH and based on canon events, these are a series of missing moments revealing Ginny's vital hidden role. Settings include the Burrow, Hogwarts, Aunt Muriel's house, and beyond.
[TDA] Darling Coda: 12th August, 2004 by agelade (Chapters: 1)
12th August, 2004: Draco and Astoria expect their first child. Lucius visits to set things right.
[TDA] Character Assassination by Sarah531 (Chapters: 3)
Mal Young's sister was a witch. Mal Young's sister, along with many others, was murdered when Dolores Umbridge took over the Ministry. And the handful of Muggles who know of the wizarding world? They're starting to get mad. And they're starting to get organised. Hogwarts is about to burn again, but there's no dark lords involved this time. Mal, her family, her friends, and the increasingly bitter parents of Hermione Granger are about to live (maybe) through the second-worst war of their lives...
[TDA] Memoire Persistante by Seinde (Chapters: 1)
Sometimes things other than ghosts can haunt the living. An unsuspecting Hermione picks up a strange ring and discovers that, unlike most people, Severus Snape left behind more than a mere object.