Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Fics on August 25, 2011

[Sch] From First to Last by KiaraAvalon (Chapters: 8)
An interpretation of Lily and James Potter's lives, from their first bits of magic to their last.
[AT] More Than Just Friends by lupin_is_awesome_x (Chapters: 1)
Remus Lupin has always been an outcast, but here in Grimmauld Place he has never felt more accepted. Sirius Black has been in hiding for over a year now, he wants freedom and is stuck in the one place he has always hated. But now that Remus is with him he can't bring himself to be anywhere else. Could they be more than just friends?
[Sch] Questions and Answers by little_bird (Chapters: 87)
What happens when the past collides with the present and threatens to cast the Potters' and Weasleys' lives into disarray...