Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Fics on August 3, 2011

[Sch] A Capacity for Love by SwissMiss (Chapters: 24)
As a Death Eater, Snape is forced to attack Hermione. This story explores what happens afterwards. Contains non-con and is not a romance.
[TDA] Memoire Persistante by Seinde (Chapters: 5)
Sometimes things other than ghosts can haunt the living. An unsuspecting Hermione picks up a strange ring and discovers that, unlike most people, Severus Snape left behind more than a mere object.
[AT] Never Give Up, It's A Wonderful Life by SwissMiss (Chapters: 2)
When Hermione Granger is assigned Severus Snape's old quarters, she never expects to find his ghost haunting them. But is everything really as it appears? SS/HG.
[TDA] Tending to Harry by Merin (Chapters: 1)
When Harry's world is shattered, Draco is there to help pick up the pieces.