Saturday, 6 August 2011

New Fics on August 6, 2011

[TDA] Come Hither by DMK (Chapters: 16)
Voldemort punishes Draco by sentencing him to 'service' the Death Eaters. Harry catches a glimpse of him when its Voldemort's turn through their connection. Experiencing what the Dark Lord is, Harry begins to unintentionally fall to the surprising and enthralling allure of his arch nemesis.
[TDA] Enslavement by DMK (Chapters: 5)
The final war is lost, the Dark Lord reigns supremely, and Draco takes in three slaves.
[Sch] Heroic Perversions by DMK (Chapters: 4)
Are heroes corruptible? Harry returns to Hogwarts after Voldemort's return. He suffers horrible nightmares, but when one turns particularly savage, he discovers on his map something curious at night, and something deadly on a perfect Sunday.
[TDA] In the Light Of the Stars by little_bird (Chapters: 9)
Minerva McGonagall's life and adventures during World War II after she leaves Hogwarts