Saturday 26 February 2011

While you're watching the Oscars

Check out this fascinating interview with Stuart Craig, production designer for the Harry Potter films. He discusses the Deathly Hallows films, and interviewer Leslie Combemale of ArtInsights focuses on his influence in the look of the movies.

ArtInsights also has new production art from James Goodridge; see the Harry Potter films in a new way at the website; all pieces shown on the website are for sale, as are the Mary GrandPre pieces and some film-related giclees

Friday 4 February 2011

As we near our tenth anniversary...

We're about to email this out via our mailing list, but for those of you who aren't on it, we're re-posting it here, too:
Welcome to our tenth year online, hosting the largest collection of well-written Harry Potter fanfic. We appreciate how you've stuck with us through this frustrating downtime, and we are thrilled to be back and growing!

Next week, we're going to have a rec-fest of romantic fics for Valentine's Day, and gen and humor fics for those who want something a little less snog-filled.

Later this year, we'll have more challenges, projects and games as we lead up to our tenth anniversary - and the release of the final Harry Potter film - in July.

In this tenth year, we want to re-do our fanfic database, especially now that we're on our new servers at Idologic (thank you so much, Team Idologic, for making the move easy!) - but we need a volunteer team of coders and developers to pull this off. If you are a computer science student in college or grad school, you may be able to get Independent Study credit as an intern, too. If you're interested, please send a resume or summary of your background to us at

An update of the database system will allow us to bring on Favoriting, our own internally hosted Bookmarks system, improved RSS feeds of your favorite authors and stories, and the ability to download fics to eReaders like the Nook and Kindle wiht just a few clicks. (Speaking of the Nook, scroll down for a cool coupon!)

What do you want to see on FictionAlley this year? Let us know! Comment here, post in Suggestions & Questions, or email us!