Wednesday 30 November 2016

And we are back!

Thanks to our server host, we are on a new server with a brand new motherboard! The DNS is propagating so it may take a few more hours until the Park is fully back up. Please let us know via a comment here or email if anything is still not working mid-afternoon today.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

ARCHIVED: What happened? Was it Voldemort? Grindlewald?

No, it was a crash of the FictionAlley motherboard.

It happens, and it's nobody's fault, not really. It crashed yesterday morning (EST on Nov. 28) and it's taking a while for it to come back online. First they tried to reboot it, then they realized the motherboard was ruined, and they've been working to put our hard drive onto a new server.

We don't expect that any content was lost but when it comes back online, we'll check. It's possible a few Park posts may have gone missing, and we know there were awesome conversations taking place then and we hope you can resume the magic when the site is back online.

None of the links on the right work now. But they will again, soon!

More info as we have it....

The good news is, our site host is giving us December for free - which is important because we had plans to ask you for money today, which is #GivingTuesday.

Our hosting and domain name fees are about $2500 per year; the site mods have been paying more than half of these costs for the last few years, and we bring in a few hundred dollars every year via Google Ad revenue and from people making purchases via our Amazon urls, but we need your support. If you are able to donate ten dollars, twenty dollars, or even fifty dollars or more, it would make a huge impact on FictionAlley's annual costs.

FA founder Heidi8 will double the first eight donations, as well as all donations on December 8, 2016. Also, if we raise $4000 (to cover the next 18 months of costs/fees) by February 28, 2017, all other donations in 2017 will go to hiring a programmer to rebuild FA's hosting system and forums.