Thursday 14 January 2016

RIP Alan RIckman

Today, we lost our beloved Alan Rickman to cancer, and we raise our wands in his memory.

Our friends at the HP Alliance memorialized him, magically; they speak for us:

"This is what we’re about. The idea that story can change the world is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

"But before we were building an organization, planning campaigns, or sharing in the power of story and the power of love with a community built on both, we were reading and watching Harry Potter. We were being enchanted by actors like Alan Rickman, who brought our very favorite story to life with incomparable commitment and skill. To think about the films is to think about that inimitable sneer, that drawl nobody can ever unhear.

"Those performances and their impact never faded. In the past month alone, we’ve seen references to Alan Rickman’s Snape in puppet shows and lyrics, from Yule Balls to Draco and the Malfoys’ house show. And in the years before that? Too many good times to count. We don’t think Alan could possibly know exactly how many or exactly how grateful we are.

The truest thing Severus Snape ever said was simple: “It’s real for us.” It all is: the message, the memories, the magic. The best way to move forward is to carry that with us.

"If that first potions scene struck fear - or anger - into your heart, if Alan Rickman’s immaculate portrayal made you feel something, to want to do something, to want to be kinder and to never abuse your power over those in your care and to stick it to the man, that was real. It is real. The power of a community coming together in a time of darkness and creating light is real, too. Don’t lose sight of it. Use it to change the world."

FictionAlley was founded on the belief that creativity is magic; Alan - Professor Rickman - showcased creativity and magic in all he did. Our thoughts are with his family and friends today - and also with all of you. Our grief is real, legitimate and worthy of sharing within our fandom community.

And also, FUCK CANCER.