Friday 13 July 2018

Harry Potter Fandom Excitement at SDCC 2018

Harry Potter at SDCCFictionAlley's Heidi will again be hosting the Harry Potter fandom panel - but this year, it's on Thursday night at 8:15 pm in Room 6DE.We'll be making some FictionAlley announcements and discussing all the magic in and around the Harry Potter/Wizarding World fandom (and canon!) with panelists including journalists Elizabeth Minkel (Fansplaining) and Catherine Horvath (MuggleNet), event organizer Chandrika Moka (Wands Up San Diego), sportsters Dawn Biggs (Hogwarts Running Club) and Jessica Ward (US Quidditch), and creative fans like Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael (Hermione Granger & the Quarter Life Crisis), novelist Alexa DeGennaro (Brightly Burning), podcast play producer Mick Ignis (The Great Wizarding War Podcast), podcaster Gary Roby (HarryPotterMinute), playwright Matt Cox (Puffs; Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic).
You can also catch some wizarding magic at WB's Cinema Panel in Hall H on Saturday morning -- we expect Fantastic Beasts cast members to be there -- and at Melissa Anelli's panel on 20 years of Harry Potter on the printed page, on Saturday afternoon
We hope to see you there - and make sure you pick up a special badge ribbon and postcard from Heidi if you see her!