Tuesday, 17 July 2007

A Literary Celebration of the Greatest Moment in Second Life

(Not yet in Second Life? Check out http://secondlife.com)

To celebrate the last book of the Harry Potter novels, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Caledon Library and FictionAlley wish to invite you to the Harry Potter Celebration on:

July 20th from 6-9 PM SLT

The event will start at the Caledon Academy of Virtual Wizardry - Caledon Highlands (165, 228, 39) where you will be sorted into your houses.

Event activities include:
Sorting hat - Caledon Academy of Virtual Wizardry from 6-9 PM SLT
Costume contest - Lovelace, voting starts @ 7 PM SLT with the winner being announced at 7:30 PM SLT
Dancing & Music - Lovelace 6-9 PM SLT
Trivia contest - Turn in notecards between 6-8 PM SLT, winner announced at 8:30 PM SLT
Role-play - FictionAlley 6-9 PM SLT

Contest winners will receive a lovely cup and one lucky person will receive a Nimbus 2000. A HUD will be provided for easy traveling. Join the group Harry Potter Celebration so that you can listen to all the Harry Potter talk.

Refreshments will be provided!

This event could not have happened without the generous support from the following:

Caledon Academy of Virtual Wizardry - Desmond Shang, Carl Metropolitan
Caledon Library - CoyoteAngel Dimsum, JJ Drinkwater, Lady Shackle, Kghia Gherardi, Turing Weyland
IMAX - Brody Waydelich
Lovelace - CoyoteAngel Dimsum
Reader’s Garden - Princess Ivory, Alphonsus Peck, Alliance Library System

Please remember that this is meant to be a party like those found in RL for the release of the Harry Potter novels, please be respectful of the landowner’s, fellow party attendees, and the rights of J.K. Rowling.


  1. yeah, but did you notice that just now that the author pages have crashed? What's the deal with not being able to at least acces the stories that are already up????

  2. Aaaalso... FAP has been going down all day... and running extremely slow when it's up. Is this just attributed to the heavy traffic after H, or do you expect the forums to be like this from now on?

  3. The website is down again.

  4. The website is, in fact, down again. Whenever I try to get there it taks forever for my computer to connect with the site, and when it finally does it says the page can't be displayed. Can this be fixed please?

  5. Hello! Thank you very much for a wonderful site. I have a story published there myself. I wanted to check my reviews of my fanfiction very recently as I plan to thank all my known reviewers by name/nickname at the end of the very last chapter.
    But the site does not work. Why? I hope it shall be good soon.

  6. Sorry this isn't on topic about this post but I haven't been able to get onto the site for a couple of days now, thought you should be aware (though you probably already are)


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