Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Vidcast from Order of the Phoenix Premiere in London

SpellCast producer Sidney got to speak with much of the cast, as well as producer David Heyman and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg - and even caught a few moments of JK Rowling speaking to other reporters - at the premiere of Order of the Phoenix in London on July 3, 2007.

Enjoy the whole vidcast below!

You can also download the whole vidcast by right-clicking here, then selecting SAVE, or view it on Google Videos.

A higher resolution version of the first ten minutes of the vidcast is on our YouTube page.

Feel free to embed the vidcast, and let us know if you want to mirror it.

HPANA has a terrific collection of links to articles about the premiere, coverage by other media, and images from the premiere and the afterparty.

Added July 10, 2007: You can find the transcript of the vidcast here - many thanks to new SpellCast Team Member Michelletiara!

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